The Existing Wearable Technology Landscape – INFOGRAPHIC

The Existing Wearable Technology Landscape – INFOGRAPHIC



Let’s start by defining both the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable technology. To put it simply, the IoT is comprised of any device, often referred to as a smart device, that connects to the Internet. Wearables are devices that are worn on the human body. It’s important to understand that this infographic is focused on where wearables and IoT overlap, but there are many wearables lacking an Internet connection that are not represented in this infographic.

In order to find the key players, we created a large index of wearable tech companies. Once we built an extensive list, we began to research and categorize each company, identifying the major trends in the industry. We constructed this infographic based on two major ideas –

1. Wearable devices can be naturally categorized by their form factor and location on the human body.

2. Each category of wearable devices can be filtered into shared subcategories based on the benefits they provide to the user.

Segmenting companies by form factor and where they are worn revealed that the most prominent forms of wearables are smart bands, watches, glasses, jewelry, clothing and various types of headgear. The three main subcategories shared by these form factors were:

  • Lifestyle: Wearables that enhance or simplify everyday tasks and activities
  • Entertainment: Wearables that function primarily to provide enjoyment to the user in the form of  music, games or movies
  • Health & Fitness: Wearables that give insight to the user by showing personal body data, typically to empower or motivate the user


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