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BUILDUP mentors, educates and connects underrepresented entrepreneurs in technology.

BUILDUP Fund, Inc. is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit designed to support an inclusive ecosystem of entrepreneurs focused on building new technologies to solve the world’s most critical challenges. BUILDUP will connect, mentor and educate non-conventional technology entrepreneurs from across the world.


BUILDUP Events and Workshops

BUILDUP events and workshops are periodic networking events held across the globe. Our goal is to assist in providing valuable information to first time and experienced entrepreneurs along with providing resources to scale. BUILDUP will feature successful founders, designers, investors and thought leaders. Each event will be recorded and posted to YouTube for our community to view on-demand and promoted via social media throughout our network on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Our Focus


We look for founders who are “builders” – experienced, creative and technical with the passion to solve real and social problems in the industry and around the world


We look for innovative solutions driven by creative thinking, featuring user-friendly design, built with passion to solve today’s most pressing problems.


We believe every founder/team should have a community for support while building a company. We foster a community of experienced founders and developers to be resources and collaborators for our founders.


Access is key to early stage companies. Opening doors leads to new partnerships, investors or other resources that help to build efficient, successful companies. Along with our mentors and partners, we focus on opening doors to companies in the BUILDUP network.


The mission is what makes every company unique as it defines its culture. Defining and reinforcing that culture as the company scales and grows, is critical to long term success.


We believe in not only providing access to early stage tech founders but we provide educational workshops and events to help founders navigate the startup landscape.


The Team

wayne sutton

Wayne Sutton

General Partner

Wayne Sutton is a serial entrepreneur and general partner at BUILDUP. Wayne has over 14 years experience in technology, design and business development. Wayne was recently recognized as one of the Silicon Valley 100 coolest people in tech, one of the 52 hottest new stars in Silicon Valley, one of the 46 Most Important African-Americans In Technology by Business Insider and one of the Top 100 most influential black people on social media in 2014.

Kristina Omari

Kristina Omari

General Partner

Kristina is an experienced senior business leader with extensive experience in M&A, finance, investments, business development and strategic partnerships as well as the operational implementation of M&A and strategic initiatives. Demonstrated track record of driving value creation through deal/transaction structuring and effective execution planning. Brings a breadth of industry experience across enterprise software, SaaS, digital media, digital marketing, advertising and collaboration technologies.

Christian Anderson

Christian Anderson

General Partner

Christian is a General Partner at fascinated with the synergies of technology, investments and global society. Christian is a board member of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, YEx Advisory Board. With a decade of Wall Street investment banking experience, Christian served as vice president in the capital markets sector. Coinciding with her financial roots, she is an angel investor. Appointed in 2011, Christian serves as board member to the City and County of San Francisco CCG, which distributes $2.5million annually to invest in social endeavors. Christian also serves as an interview panelist for Springboard Enterprise’s Innovation Hub Accelerator Program and was a selected for the 2015 Google Women Techmakers Summit.


Alaina Percival

Alaina Percival

Director of Developer Relations

Alaina Percival is currently CEO and Board Chair of Women Who Code, a global non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. She spent the first years of her career working at PUMAs headquarters in Germany managing PUMA’s most innovative products. After completing her MBA, she accepted the role of Brand Marketing Manager for a women’s performance footwear company where she rolled out the world’s first woman specific volleyball and basketball shoes. Four years ago, she moved into tech and last January Yahoo! acquired the startup where she was Director of Marketing. Percival was formerly Head of Developer Outreach at Riviera Partners and is currently serves as an advisor to CodePath.


BUILDUP Advisors

steve blank
Steve Blank
Kelly Hoey
Kathleen Warner
Kathleen Warner
Dulé Hill
Dulé Hill,
Actor/Founder of Nomino

Global Impact


At BUILDUP, we’re passionate about startups that are impacting the world. We work with startups on their business models to not only be profitable but also make a difference.


At BUILDUP, we love innovative products and founders that build creative solutions that meet the challenges of today’s global markets. We connect startups with leading innovators, thinkers and doers.


Whether the product is a SaaS platform, a mobile app or hardware, the esthetics and user experience is the first impression to customers. We help startups design and create products with great user experiences.


At the end of the day, startups need traction to succeed and grow. We apply a data-driven approach to examine customer growth strategy acquisition to maximize your reach to potential customers.


BUILDUP CONNECT is a network of over 4,000 diverse builders, entrepreneurs, designers and developers.