BUILDUP is a global impact firm designed to connect, mentor and educate technology entrepreneurs.


BUILDUP EVENTS (“BUILDUP”) are periodic networking events held across the globe. Our goal is to assist in providing valuable information to first time and experienced entrepreneurs along with providing resources to scale. BUILDUP will feature successful founders, designers, investors and thought leaders.


The BUILDUP community includes successful startup founders, industry experts, developers, designers and thought leaders to connect with entrepreneurs in the BUILDUP network.


BUILDUP Accelerator (“BUILDUP”) is an intensive two week program designed to prepare seed-stage startups to seek further funding from investors and/or launch for customer growth. BUILDUP will look for startups that possess strong potential in all four key areas: Global Impact, Innovation, Design, and Growth.


BUILDUP CONNECT is a network of over 4,000 diverse builders, entrepreneurs, designers and developers.


Our Focus

Global Impact


At BUILDUP, we’re passionate about startups that are impacting the world. We work with startups on their business models to not only be profitable but also make a difference.


At BUILDUP, we love innovative products and founders that build creative solutions that meet the challenges of today’s global markets. We connect startups with leading innovators, thinkers and doers.


Whether the product is a SaaS platform, a mobile app or hardware, the esthetics and user experience is the first impression to customers. We help startups design and create products with great user experiences.


At the end of the day, startups need traction to succeed and grow. We apply a data-driven approach to examine customer growth strategy acquisition to maximize your reach to potential customers.

Global Partners

Gunderson Dettmer
Gunderson Dettmer